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  • Jeweled flat sandals with genuine Swarovski crystals
  • Grecian line is inspired by beautiful Greece and the Mediterranean
  • Working Gal sandals embellish your outwear while maintaining maximum comfort night and day
  • The Corinna Saias collection embodies the best in luxury sandals, jeweled flat sandals and Grecian sandals. All designs are handmade in Greece and are available in super chick colors and elegant lines.  

    Take a tour of our online sandal store to view our entire luxury sandal collection.

    Corinna Saias Sandal Store Exclusive Collection

    Jeweled Flat Sandals
    The jeweled flat sandals are adorned with genuine Swarovksi crystals to bring the perfect amount of sparkle and shine. Their design is inspired by women around the world, who want to “cruise” through life with a cosmopolitan chick style. Pick a pair with colored rhinestones or just go with minimalistic, yet super chic, clear crystals.

    Grecian Sandals
    The Grecian line is inspired by beautiful Greece, where Corinna Saias luxury sandals are manufactured. Attention has been paid to every detail to craft these unique Grecian style sandals. Their trendy and minimal design guarantees an impeccable look all summer. Check out the toe ring Mediterranean style in our online sandal store.

    Working Gal, T-Strap Sandals
    Corinna Saias sandals embellish your outwear while maintaining maximum comfort night and day. These luxury sandals are also super comfortable and designed to be worn all day, from your morning activities until your night gateways. Try the Artemisia design with the flexible sole and the underfoot cushioning, which guarantee impeccable comfort all day. Working Gal collection comes in super glamorous summer colors.

    The jeweled flat sandals, the Grecian, and the Working Gal T-strap designs have been created with genuine leather. We always strive to provide you with the best quality sandals in every design we offer.

    Sandal Store Free Returns
    Corinna Saias sandal store offers free returns to all our customers within US to ensure that we completely meet your needs.

    Yellow Sandals: Love them or hate them

    Yellow has become the new fashion color for many designers on the runway. You can find it in many different variations, from fluorescent yellow to pale canary and laser yellow. Whatever color you choose, be ready to make a statement. We offer you our beautiful yellow sandals.
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