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About Us 

Corinna Saias Collection – Luxury Sandals

Women around the world are the true inspiration behind Corinna Saias sandals. “My muse is YOU…working mothers, city gals, creative women; who want to “cruise” through life with a cosmopolitan chic style”.

Corinna, the founder of the company and recent mom, decided to bring to life these handmade sandals that will compliment and embellish your outwear while maintaining maximum comfort night and day. They are designed to be worn all day; from your morning activities until your night gateways.

Corinna Saias sandals are made of genuine leather and adorned with Swarovski crystals. They are manufactured in Athens, Greece, by a family owned manufacturer; where attention is paid to every single detail to craft these unique and luxurious sandals.

Corinna has traveled around the world in recent years and lived in different countries. She has met beautiful, interesting and inspiring women from many cultures. Her objective is to blend these influences and flavors in her designs and create these unique ultra-chic sandals.
The names of the sandals have been inspired by Greek women in ancient and modern times that have left their stamp on history.

A drop of Greek culture, a drop of international influences and a drop of the essence of real women have blended to create these sandals.