Miss Universe Greece in Corinna Saias sandals

Miss Universe Greece

Miss Universe Greece wears Corinna Saias luxury sandals in Mykonos. Miss Greece, Ismini Dafopoulou, has been seen wearing “Mirto” desing in beige-snake effect and also “Evi” toe-ring sandals in lizard-effect genuine leather. Corinna Saias sandals are the perfect accessories to have during your Greek islands gateway. You can wear them from morning to night.

Miss Universe Greece wears her Corinna Saias sandals casually with jeans, walking around Mykonos. Also Ismini has been wearing her sandals heading to the beach with her swimwear and an oversized hat.


Bio Miss Universe Greece

Miss Universe Greece, Ismini Dafopoulou was born in 1989 and grew up in Kardhitsa. She graduated from the Primary Education Department of the University of Thessaly. Her dream job has always revolved around children. While working at a primary school in Athens, she taught a class of 15 7 year-old children, who were attending their first year at school. Miss Universe Greece considers this an unforgettable experience and she has fond memories of that time. Along with her work as a model, she writes a column in an online magazine,, presenting beauty home videos. During her early school years, Ismini got carried away with dancing and studied to become a ballerina for four years. Unfortunately, due to injury, she never got the chance to keep it up, and later decided to concentrate on her other love, teaching children. She enjoys being around with friends, watching movies, and traveling. In the summer she loves SUP. Her biggest indulgence is spending time with Goofy, her 3 year-old toy yorkie. (Source:

We love Miss Universe Greece and we wish her the best luck to her endeavors!

Corinna Saias sandals are made from genuine leather. The sandals are handcrafted in Athens, Greece.


Mommy-and-me matching sandals, Leather sandals for girls

Mommy-and-me matching pair for little girls!

Keeping one step ahead, Corinna Saias also offers a mommy-and-me pair for the little ones in tow. These leather sandals are so cute and your little girl will adore to coordinate her style with yours. We are talking from experience! These unique leather sandals are perfect for a special occasion or just a stylish outfit for school. The mommy-and-me matching collection was born after the request of several moms. The truth is that moms can not resist in dressing their little ones with the same outfits and accessories.

This mother-daughter matching outfit is seriously becoming a trend, which have started from Hollywood, from Kate Holmes and Suri to Jessica Alba Alba and her daughter Honor.

Some moms don’t like too matchy-matchy outfits that is why we adore Corinna Saias sandals. These chick sandals for mother and daughter complement the perfect look without overdoing it. So mother and daughter can get dress age appropriate but still have fun with coordinated accessories.


In what sizes and color can I find the leather sandals for toddlers and girls?

You can find the leather sandals for girls in grey, white and burgundy color. The sandals for the little ones comes in the following sizes, 7-13 US size for toddlers and 1-3 US size for the little kids.

The sandals for the girls are with a rubber sole to provide more comfort for your little one.


About Corinna Saias sandals

 All of the sandals are hand-made in Athens, Greece from the highest quality of Italian materials—durable enough for the school run or dancing the night away.

 What do you think – have you ever done matching sadnals with your daughter? If not, would you consider it now that there super elegant sandals this year?


Fun Facts

Corinna Saias was inspired to create the mommy-and-me matching pair of sandals after her daughter was born. Corinna noticed that as her daughter was growing she wanted more and more to wear the same outfits as her.

Therefore, she created “Katerina” sandals mommy-and-me matching pair. Corinna picked the name Katerina which is often associated with the Greek word katharos, meaning “pure”. It was the perfect match!

Wedding Sandals – Advice on How to Choose them

Every Bride Needs a Set of Flat Sandals!

Did you think that flat sandals are only for garden or beach weddings? Well think again…..If you plan to be sited all night long in your wedding then this post is of no concern to you. However, if you plan to have the best time of your life, mingle with your guest, be the first one on the dance floor and last one to leave your party, then you may want to consider purchasing a pair of stunning handmade flat sandals.

Ask any bride and they will confirm that the beautiful, sexy high heels, they purchased for their wedding day, killed them. The truth is that brides stay hours on their feet. From the time the ceremony starts until you greed all your guests and hit the dance floor, you will definitely wish that you could switch to something more comfortable. Yes I know….I said the “comfortable” word. Does that mean for many of you that your sandals need not to be fabulous? Of course not!

Here are some ideas on how you can select these flat comfortable sandals and at the same time remain stunning all night.

  • Pick a pair with rhinestones, preferably Swarovski crystals, to give the extra sparkle in your special day
  • Make sure that the sandals complement but do not out stage your wedding dress with large and complicated designs. We suggest brides to go for a minimalistic, yet super chic wedding lookerinna cipria pl
  • If you are one of those brides that want to stand out, you can add more color with a splash of yellow or black straps


wedding sandals

wedding flats


For guarantee comfort through out the whole wedding make sure to follow these few tips when buying your sandals:

  1. Choose the appropriate size so that the sole is a bit bigger than your foot
  2. Make sure that straps are adjustable to your feet (avoid elastic straps)
  3. Check for good arch support and a cushioned sole


comfortable flat sandals

At the end what we suggest to all brides is to buy the extra flat pair of sandals even if they are not 100% sure that they are going to wear it. It’s better to be prepared then regret it. After all, if you choose an elegant pair of sandals, you could wear it even after your wedding activities, for your summer vacations or your work.

 So to all of the future brides out there, let the party begin and rest assured that your flats will be your best ally in order to have a magical experience.


Grecian Sandals, Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals, Grecian Sandals

We love ancient Greek sandals. It’s just so easy to wear them and very trendy this season. Corinna Saias collection of Greek sandals has been inspired by ancient Greek designs incorporated with a modern twist to fit the lifestyle of contemporary women. Corinna Saias loves to use luxury leather with minimalistic designs in order to create these super chic sandals. She likes particularly the snake effect prints, which are always and forever in fashion and of course the earthy colors such as white, beige, black and white.


Grecian and Greek sandals Historys

The Grecian style or Greek sandals are quite minimal and they used to be worn by both sexes. Only a few straps were present, leaving the bare foot exposed, and colors were chosen to be as close as possible to the natural color of leather. The first sandals were made out of papyrus and only later did the Greeks used leather. Its also very interesting to note that according to the different materials used to craft them, Greek sandals could indicate the social statues of the people wearing them.


Greek Sandals are they still in Fashion?

 In nowadays ancient Greek sandals have become very popular among the fashionistas and they may just be the perfect summer sandals. Why? Because you can wear them with practically everything, from shorts, to pencil skirts or long summer dresses. Also the Greek sandals have become very popular for children. You can check our collection of mommy and me matching pair.


Where can you find Greek Sandals?

 In Greece you can find them in different places and prices depending of the quality you are looking. You can find them in touristic areas like Plaka or in selected upscale boutiques stores. Greek sandals are also very popular in the Greek islands. Of course you can also purchase them online in different websites. At we ship our Greek sandals worldwide. You can check online the whole collection of our Grecian sandals which are handmade from genuine Italian leather.


What is the Average Price for Greek Sandals?

 The price depends really on the quality of the materials used to manufacture them and of course of the design. You can find Greek sandals for as low as 20$. Corinna Saias Greek sandals are crafted in Athens, Greece, by a family owned manufacturer; where attention is paid to every single detail to craft these unique and luxurious sandals. All our Grecian sandals are manufactured from genuine Italian leather.


Yellow Sandals

Yellow Sandals: Love them or hate them

 Yellow is big news this season, as it has become the new fashion color for many designers on the runway. You can find it in many different variations, from fluorescent yellow to pale canary and laser yellow. Whatever color you choose, be ready to make a statement. We offer you our beautiful yellow sandals.

Corinna has created the Melina design in yellow to match your outfits. We love it! These supertrendy yellow sandals adorned with clear, rectangular Swarovski crystals are a sure hit.

Integrating yellow sandals into your everyday wardrobe may seem challenging at first, but it’s easier than you think. You can wear them with jeans, a grey sundress, or a cream skirt. You can also pair them with white, Monaco blue, and bright red pieces. With these bold combinations, you won’t need any other accessories to complete your outfit.

Such stars as Taylor Swift, J-Lo, and Maria Menounos have all embraced this new trend.

Let’s face it . . . when you decide to wear yellow, you decide to be noticed.

What to wear on a Cruise? Corinna Saias Sandals are a Must Have.

What are you doing for the Holidays? Are you preparing to go on a cruise?

Holidays are approaching and from what our customers have been telling us, many of you are already preparing your vacation. This year many our clients had suggested that they will be going on a cruise. Caribbean cruises are really popular especially for all our customers in Florida. Travelling with kids? A cruise can be the perfect idea especially if you choose a kid’s friendly boat….

In any case don’t forget to pack your Corinna Saias sandals.

What to wear on a cruise? The must haves

Of course casual attire is recommended for the most part of the day. We suggest shorts, tees, tank tops and sundresses in bright colors. Maxi dresses are also our favorites for these breeze afternoons. Bring a couple of hats just in case you lose one, your sunglasses and of course your flat sandals. Times have changed since the early 1920’s where formal wearing was accustomed for both man and women travelling on a cruise.

Corinna Saias sandals are perfect for all day long. You can wear them to hung around in the pool, for afternoon walks or going to dinner. We suggest the Grecian style for the morning and the jeweled flat sandals for later in the evening. Also sandals are easy to pack and they don’t take much space in our suitcase. After all the cabins are usually not that spacious so you want to be practical as much as possible.

Are high heels aloud on a cruise ship?

To our knowledge high heels are aloud to cruise ships, however we don’t recommend them. We recommend flat sandals because they are more comfortable and super elegant. By wearing high heels you always have the risk of falling as the deck can get slick at time’s.

How many pairs of sandals should I bring?

That really depends on how many days are you going on a cruise. On a four-day cruise I would recommend to bring three pairs of sandals. I would suggest a Grecian style sandal for the morning and two pairs of sandals embellished with crysals for the evening. Of course you can always wear you Swarovski sandals during the day with your bathing suit. I would also pack a pair of sandals with a flashy color, like an orange or a yellow pair so that you can stand out from the crowd!

What are the most popular destinations for a cruise?

Well…..since we are located in Miami we would definitely suggest you the Caribbean. Its our favorite destination! If you have kids you can also do the Disney Cruise.

Whatever you choose to wear don’t forget to enjoy!


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Capri Sandals, Women’s Flat Sandals

Are Capri Sandals still in Fashion?

Of course they are! I don’t think they ever went out of fashion. Every summer a number of celebrities wear capri style sandals for the gateways. Many style icons, from Jackie Onassis, to Brigitte Bardot, Jeniffer Lopez, and Jessica Alba, have all been seen wearing these beautiful sandals. Particularly, in the 60’s, Capri sandals were a must have. However, today this trend has come back and Capri sandals are found in almost every women’s wardrobe.

Jackie launched the Capri sandals into a worldwide trend that lasts even today. She used to wear them with pants, T-shirt and a scarf around her head. She would often go on holidays to Capri and buy more Capri sandals for her collection. She would visit the island with Onassis boat and walk around the narrow streets.

How to wear your Capri Sandals?

Capri sandals go practically with everything. From shorts, to leggings and pencil skirts. They can embellish all your outfits. My personal favorite is with jeans and Tshirts. I wear my Capri style sandals to go to work, do my morning errands or go out for dinner. Since I gave birth to my children, I usually prefer to wear either flats or wedges. I avoid wearing heels unless there is a formal event like a wedding or dinner party. I feel that with my capri style sandals I am super comfortable but also elegant. Capri sandals are a step up from the more common rubber flip-flops but at the same time they are almost equally comfortable. I think there is a certain grace to wearing these luxury leather sandals. From the Corinna Saias sandals collection I prefer the Aliki design. The “splash” of orange crystals make such a difference. However, many of our clients go for the Theodora design with more neutral colors. From the Corinna Saias collection, all sandals are embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Where is Capri?

Capri is an island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region of Italy. The main town Capri that is located on the island shares the name. It has been a resort since the time of the Roman Republic. The etymology of the name Capri is unclear; it might either be traced back to the Ancient Greeks (Ancient Greek κάπρος kapros meaning “wild boar”), the first recorded colonists to populate the island. But it could also derive from Latin capreae (goats) (wikipedia). If you would like to visit the island of capri just be aware the summer is the busiest time of the year. You will need a couple of days to be able to visit the whole island and get the true experience.

Where to buy Capri Sandals

Corinna Saias collection is inspired in certain ways by Capri sandals. Many of our designs are Capri style sandals. Our luxury sandals are handmade from genuine leather. You can shop all of our collection at our site and in selected stores in Miami, Crete and Athens.

(photo: Time magazine)

Perfect Gift for your Bridesmaids – Sandals for your Bridesmaids

Why sandals can be the perfect gift for your bridesmaids.

Your bridesmaids have accompanied you to different wedding planning appointments (from flowers to invitations selection), helped you picked up your perfect dress and the party favors, organized your bachelorette and visited with you the different venues for your party. Now it’s your turn to show your appreciation and return the smile in their faces.

What you will spend for your bridesmaid presents really depends on your budget and there is not an appropriate etiquette for that matter. Of course you would need to consider the expenses that bridesmaid have made for you (e.g. bachelorette party) and the time they have consumed in order help you prepare for your perfect day.

When choosing your gifts make sure to consider options that are outside the box and that would really reflect your appreciation. It would be extra thoughtful to offer them a present that they could keep, wear and remember you for days after your wedding. Jewelry and accessories that match their bridesmaid’s gowns will most probably end to a box or get lost after a while.

We suggest that you offer them a present that can be much appreciated, useful for your party but also something that they could wear after the end of the wedding activities.

What woman does not loooovve shoes and most specifically sandals? Why would your bridesmaids be any different? Therefore, as the perfect bridesmaid gift we suggest you to offer them handmade jeweled flat sandals. This perfect gift idea will sweep them of their feet! You can choose between trendy summer colors or go for a more romantic look.

Sandals make the perfect, most awesome bridesmaids gift for several reasons.

1) They can be worn at your wedding party as a second – pair shoes for the after hours endless dancing. We all know that it comes a moment at wedding receptions that our high heels shoes are just killing us. Isn’t a shame to want to dance and participate in the fun but holding back just because your bridesmaid can not be standing anymore. After all you want your bridesmaids to be the life and soul of your wedding day.

2) For beach and garden parties sandals can be worn as the principal pair of shoes. You can pick sandals in beige, white and natural colors to complement any dress but for those bridesmaids that want to stand out you can also select flashy tones.

3) By offering them the sandals you have the opportunity to personalize your gift. You can choose from different designs and colors to match their personalities and their taste. It is certain that this will make them feel extra special.

4) Flat sandals are usually super comfortable, allowing your bridesmaid to have the fun of their lives in your party. You can pick a design with adjustable straps that fasten at the ankle and a cushioned sole that will guarantee hours and hours of dancing. Our favorite cushioned pair of sandals from Corinna Saias Collection is the gold Artemisia.

5) You want your wedding day to be unique and special and the same is true for your bridesmaid gifts. You don’t want to offer them something boring. Jeweled flat sandals will certainly delight them and its an idea outside the box which lets your bridesmaids know that you spent time to think about their perfect gift.

6) Finally but perhaps most importantly, this is a gift that can be worn every single summer day after your wedding, from morning to night. Your bridesmaids will remember you every time they get dressed or people complement them about these fabulous sandals. They can wear them in their vacation get away, at work or just to run errands. The Evi desing from our Grecian collection is certainly a gift that they will wear all summer.

Sandals are truly a very unique and special gift idea.

Women’s Sandals embellished with Swarovski Crystals

Women’s Sandals with Swarovski Crystals

Corinna Saias women’s sandals are embellished with Swarovski crystals to guarantee top quality and extra sparkle. Swarovski crystals are manufactured in a way that let light refract in a rainbow spectrum. Swarovski coats some of its products with special metallic chemical coatings. For example, Aurora Borealis, or “AB”, gives the surface a rainbow appearance (wikipedia).

For Corinna Saias’ collection, we choose only top-quality materials that will endure and represent our love for these handmade sandals. The finest quality of Swarovski crystals in combination with Corinna Saias handmade women’s sandals, guarantee you this spectacular look from day to night. Close attention is paid to every single detail to craft these unique and luxurious sandals.

Swarovksi Crystals’ History

In contrary to what many people think Swarovski crystals do not occur naturally. They are man made and consist of 32 percent lead, which is a requirement when making the crystals. The use of lead allows for a material that can withstand cutting and engraving. Daniel Swarovski invented the formula for the crystals in the 1890s (ehow). The quality is dependent on the production method and the processing of the raw material. These factors determine how brilliant the crystals are and their value.

Swarovski Crystals’ Shapes and Colors

Corinna Saias mentioned “I love that fact that Swarovski crystals come in such a variety of colors and shapes”.

Swarovski crystals come in various colors, sizes and shapes, however, Corinna Saias prefers mostly the clear color. For last summer her favorite shape was the round and the rectangular one. The rectangular cupchain is so impressive and quite unique. You can not easily find sandals embellished with rectangular Swarovski crystals. Most designers use the round colored crystals for their sandals collections. Corinna Saias wanted to produce something out of the ordinary that will guarantee a stunning and unique look. The rectangular crystals are very chic and glamorous.

Corinna Saias most popular women’s sandals with Swarovski Crystals

Pink Sandals with Swarovksi Crystals s-thalia-whiteembellished sandals with Swarovski

Corinna Saias sandals with Swarovski crystals are available in a variety of colors that can match any outfit. Our sandals come in all sorts of colors from classic black and white to yellow and turquoise.

Our design with the rectangular Swarovski cupchain has been proven to be one of our clients’ preferred item. More specifically, the Melina black model with the rectangular Swarovski crystals is our most popular item.

Many of our glamorous clients also prefer the pink color for a more romantic look or the yellow and orange sandals for a stand out appearance.

On the other hand our brides usually go for the white Thalia sandals with the Swarovski crystal shoe horse design on top of the leather staps. According to ancient myths, the shoe horse design featured in the crystals will bring to the owner a “lucky” power. These pair of sandals are perfect for a beach wedding or for a second pair of shoes the wedding.

The bridesmaids usually select the same design (Thalia) but in different colors depending on their dress.

How to wear your jeweled sandals?

You can pair these luxury sandals with long dresses or just jeans and a T-shirt. Also if you wear a lot of dressy pieces, jeweled sandals with Swarovski crystals are the best match. Jeweled sandals are a great way to spruce up any outfit and time of the day. Wear them in the Greek islands and get ready to impress! Celebrities have been wearing jeweled sandals every summer in Mykonos!

Your Corinna Saias jeweled women’s sandals, come with an attached Swarovski label that guarantees the authenticity of the Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski Prize

To celebrate its 15 years of supplying up-and-coming designers with crystals, the Austrian company has created the Swarovski Collective Prize for Innovation.
It will award 25,000 euros, or about $33,000, to one of this year’s Swarovski Collective members, a.k.a. the 15 designers in New York, Paris and London being given “financial and crystal support” by the company for a full year (or, two fashion seasons) (

Photoshoot with Miss United States

Corinna Saias sandals participated in the photoshoot organized in Miami beach with the beautiful Miss United States 2014, Elizabeth Safrit.

Safrit competed in her first pageant when she was a freshman in college as Miss Cabarrus County. She was crowned Miss United States on July 6, at the competition in Washington, D.C. and in November she will travel to London to compete for the Miss World title.

Go Miss United States!