Grecian Sandals, Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals, Grecian Sandals

We love ancient Greek sandals. It’s just so easy to wear them and very trendy this season. Corinna Saias collection of Greek sandals has been inspired by ancient Greek designs incorporated with a modern twist to fit the lifestyle of contemporary women. Corinna Saias loves to use luxury leather with minimalistic designs in order to create these super chic sandals. She likes particularly the snake effect prints, which are always and forever in fashion and of course the earthy colors such as white, beige, black and white.


Grecian and Greek sandals Historys

The Grecian style or Greek sandals are quite minimal and they used to be worn by both sexes. Only a few straps were present, leaving the bare foot exposed, and colors were chosen to be as close as possible to the natural color of leather. The first sandals were made out of papyrus and only later did the Greeks used leather. Its also very interesting to note that according to the different materials used to craft them, Greek sandals could indicate the social statues of the people wearing them.


Greek Sandals are they still in Fashion?

 In nowadays ancient Greek sandals have become very popular among the fashionistas and they may just be the perfect summer sandals. Why? Because you can wear them with practically everything, from shorts, to pencil skirts or long summer dresses. Also the Greek sandals have become very popular for children. You can check our collection of mommy and me matching pair.


Where can you find Greek Sandals?

 In Greece you can find them in different places and prices depending of the quality you are looking. You can find them in touristic areas like Plaka or in selected upscale boutiques stores. Greek sandals are also very popular in the Greek islands. Of course you can also purchase them online in different websites. At we ship our Greek sandals worldwide. You can check online the whole collection of our Grecian sandals which are handmade from genuine Italian leather.


What is the Average Price for Greek Sandals?

 The price depends really on the quality of the materials used to manufacture them and of course of the design. You can find Greek sandals for as low as 20$. Corinna Saias Greek sandals are crafted in Athens, Greece, by a family owned manufacturer; where attention is paid to every single detail to craft these unique and luxurious sandals. All our Grecian sandals are manufactured from genuine Italian leather.