Mommy-and-me matching sandals, Leather sandals for girls

Mommy-and-me matching pair for little girls!

Keeping one step ahead, Corinna Saias also offers a mommy-and-me pair for the little ones in tow. These leather sandals are so cute and your little girl will adore to coordinate her style with yours. We are talking from experience! These unique leather sandals are perfect for a special occasion or just a stylish outfit for school. The mommy-and-me matching collection was born after the request of several moms. The truth is that moms can not resist in dressing their little ones with the same outfits and accessories.

This mother-daughter matching outfit is seriously becoming a trend, which have started from Hollywood, from Kate Holmes and Suri to Jessica Alba Alba and her daughter Honor.

Some moms don’t like too matchy-matchy outfits that is why we adore Corinna Saias sandals. These chick sandals for mother and daughter complement the perfect look without overdoing it. So mother and daughter can get dress age appropriate but still have fun with coordinated accessories.


In what sizes and color can I find the leather sandals for toddlers and girls?

You can find the leather sandals for girls in grey, white and burgundy color. The sandals for the little ones comes in the following sizes, 7-13 US size for toddlers and 1-3 US size for the little kids.

The sandals for the girls are with a rubber sole to provide more comfort for your little one.


About Corinna Saias sandals

 All of the sandals are hand-made in Athens, Greece from the highest quality of Italian materials—durable enough for the school run or dancing the night away.

 What do you think – have you ever done matching sadnals with your daughter? If not, would you consider it now that there super elegant sandals this year?


Fun Facts

Corinna Saias was inspired to create the mommy-and-me matching pair of sandals after her daughter was born. Corinna noticed that as her daughter was growing she wanted more and more to wear the same outfits as her.

Therefore, she created “Katerina” sandals mommy-and-me matching pair. Corinna picked the name Katerina which is often associated with the Greek word katharos, meaning “pure”. It was the perfect match!