Wedding Flats, Bridal Flat Sandals, and White Flat Sandals


By whatever name you prefer to call them, all brides are looking for the perfect pair! The Corinna Saias Collection has the perfect bridal flat sandals for you. These handmade white flat sandals are adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals to guarantee that extra sparkle to your special day.

Our wedding flats also have adjustable straps that fasten at the ankle to give extra comfort . . . so you can dance all night long!

Do you believe in symbols? From the color of the bridal gown to throwing the rice, weddingsare rich in tradition and symbolism. Your white flat sandals are no exception. The Swarovski rhinestones of our bridal flat sandals form a horseshoe design, which according to ancient legend symbolizes good luck. Horseshoes used to be hung outside homes to bring good fortune and luck to the residents. What a perfect symbol for your wedding day! After all, there is no harm in adopting a symbol for good luck as long as we realize that true power lies within ourselves.