What to wear on a Cruise? Corinna Saias Sandals are a Must Have.

What are you doing for the Holidays? Are you preparing to go on a cruise?

Holidays are approaching and from what our customers have been telling us, many of you are already preparing your vacation. This year many our clients had suggested that they will be going on a cruise. Caribbean cruises are really popular especially for all our customers in Florida. Travelling with kids? A cruise can be the perfect idea especially if you choose a kid’s friendly boat….

In any case don’t forget to pack your Corinna Saias sandals.

What to wear on a cruise? The must haves

Of course casual attire is recommended for the most part of the day. We suggest shorts, tees, tank tops and sundresses in bright colors. Maxi dresses are also our favorites for these breeze afternoons. Bring a couple of hats just in case you lose one, your sunglasses and of course your flat sandals. Times have changed since the early 1920’s where formal wearing was accustomed for both man and women travelling on a cruise.

Corinna Saias sandals are perfect for all day long. You can wear them to hung around in the pool, for afternoon walks or going to dinner. We suggest the Grecian style for the morning and the jeweled flat sandals for later in the evening. Also sandals are easy to pack and they don’t take much space in our suitcase. After all the cabins are usually not that spacious so you want to be practical as much as possible.

Are high heels aloud on a cruise ship?

To our knowledge high heels are aloud to cruise ships, however we don’t recommend them. We recommend flat sandals because they are more comfortable and super elegant. By wearing high heels you always have the risk of falling as the deck can get slick at time’s.

How many pairs of sandals should I bring?

That really depends on how many days are you going on a cruise. On a four-day cruise I would recommend to bring three pairs of sandals. I would suggest a Grecian style sandal for the morning and two pairs of sandals embellished with crysals for the evening. Of course you can always wear you Swarovski sandals during the day with your bathing suit. I would also pack a pair of sandals with a flashy color, like an orange or a yellow pair so that you can stand out from the crowd!

What are the most popular destinations for a cruise?

Well…..since we are located in Miami we would definitely suggest you the Caribbean. Its our favorite destination! If you have kids you can also do the Disney Cruise.

Whatever you choose to wear don’t forget to enjoy!


Photo credits: www.tracygallagher.com