Women’s Sandals embellished with Swarovski Crystals

Women’s Sandals with Swarovski Crystals

Corinna Saias women’s sandals are embellished with Swarovski crystals to guarantee top quality and extra sparkle. Swarovski crystals are manufactured in a way that let light refract in a rainbow spectrum. Swarovski coats some of its products with special metallic chemical coatings. For example, Aurora Borealis, or “AB”, gives the surface a rainbow appearance (wikipedia).

For Corinna Saias’ collection, we choose only top-quality materials that will endure and represent our love for these handmade sandals. The finest quality of Swarovski crystals in combination with Corinna Saias handmade women’s sandals, guarantee you this spectacular look from day to night. Close attention is paid to every single detail to craft these unique and luxurious sandals.

Swarovksi Crystals’ History

In contrary to what many people think Swarovski crystals do not occur naturally. They are man made and consist of 32 percent lead, which is a requirement when making the crystals. The use of lead allows for a material that can withstand cutting and engraving. Daniel Swarovski invented the formula for the crystals in the 1890s (ehow). The quality is dependent on the production method and the processing of the raw material. These factors determine how brilliant the crystals are and their value.

Swarovski Crystals’ Shapes and Colors

Corinna Saias mentioned “I love that fact that Swarovski crystals come in such a variety of colors and shapes”.

Swarovski crystals come in various colors, sizes and shapes, however, Corinna Saias prefers mostly the clear color. For last summer her favorite shape was the round and the rectangular one. The rectangular cupchain is so impressive and quite unique. You can not easily find sandals embellished with rectangular Swarovski crystals. Most designers use the round colored crystals for their sandals collections. Corinna Saias wanted to produce something out of the ordinary that will guarantee a stunning and unique look. The rectangular crystals are very chic and glamorous.

Corinna Saias most popular women’s sandals with Swarovski Crystals

Pink Sandals with Swarovksi Crystals s-thalia-whiteembellished sandals with Swarovski

Corinna Saias sandals with Swarovski crystals are available in a variety of colors that can match any outfit. Our sandals come in all sorts of colors from classic black and white to yellow and turquoise.

Our design with the rectangular Swarovski cupchain has been proven to be one of our clients’ preferred item. More specifically, the Melina black model with the rectangular Swarovski crystals is our most popular item.

Many of our glamorous clients also prefer the pink color for a more romantic look or the yellow and orange sandals for a stand out appearance.

On the other hand our brides usually go for the white Thalia sandals with the Swarovski crystal shoe horse design on top of the leather staps. According to ancient myths, the shoe horse design featured in the crystals will bring to the owner a “lucky” power. These pair of sandals are perfect for a beach wedding or for a second pair of shoes the wedding.

The bridesmaids usually select the same design (Thalia) but in different colors depending on their dress.

How to wear your jeweled sandals?

You can pair these luxury sandals with long dresses or just jeans and a T-shirt. Also if you wear a lot of dressy pieces, jeweled sandals with Swarovski crystals are the best match. Jeweled sandals are a great way to spruce up any outfit and time of the day. Wear them in the Greek islands and get ready to impress! Celebrities have been wearing jeweled sandals every summer in Mykonos!

Your Corinna Saias jeweled women’s sandals, come with an attached Swarovski label that guarantees the authenticity of the Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski Prize

To celebrate its 15 years of supplying up-and-coming designers with crystals, the Austrian company has created the Swarovski Collective Prize for Innovation.
It will award 25,000 euros, or about $33,000, to one of this year’s Swarovski Collective members, a.k.a. the 15 designers in New York, Paris and London being given “financial and crystal support” by the company for a full year (or, two fashion seasons) (nytimes.com).