Yellow Sandals

Yellow Sandals: Love them or hate them

 Yellow is big news this season, as it has become the new fashion color for many designers on the runway. You can find it in many different variations, from fluorescent yellow to pale canary and laser yellow. Whatever color you choose, be ready to make a statement. We offer you our beautiful yellow sandals.

Corinna has created the Melina design in yellow to match your outfits. We love it! These supertrendy yellow sandals adorned with clear, rectangular Swarovski crystals are a sure hit.

Integrating yellow sandals into your everyday wardrobe may seem challenging at first, but it’s easier than you think. You can wear them with jeans, a grey sundress, or a cream skirt. You can also pair them with white, Monaco blue, and bright red pieces. With these bold combinations, you won’t need any other accessories to complete your outfit.

Such stars as Taylor Swift, J-Lo, and Maria Menounos have all embraced this new trend.

Let’s face it . . . when you decide to wear yellow, you decide to be noticed.